Compassion Movie Month

Free films every Friday in November. Nurture compassion and celebrate the human spirit.

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Friday, November 4 - Storm Boy

A tear-jerking family drama that reminds us “love has wings” and that the world is filled with natural wonder. Even difficult struggles can be used for good.

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A new releases every Friday in November. Each film remains in your library for a full week.

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Movie Month Selections

Friday, Nov. 11 - The Great Gilly Hopkins

A story that shows us how resilient children are, and how much love, support, forgiveness and guidance are necessary for healthy development. 

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Friday, Nov. 18 - Street Gang: How We Got To Sesame Street

A documentary focused on breaking barriers that get in the way of childhood education. With Muppets and nostalgia. 

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Friday, Nov. 25 - Rocks

A hopeful and sobering film about how desperate life can become for children living in poverty. And how support from loving community is essential. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long was each film available?

Movie Month is now closed. Each film was available for 1 week in November 2022.

We've added some bonus Christmas content for you to enjoy in December 2022.

How does Movie Month work?

We bring you great films, for free! Sign up. Watch anywhere in Canada. And invite a friend. It’s all online with great content all month long.  

What does Movie Month cost for me?

The films are offered free to anyone who signs up. All you need is an email address to login.   

Why did you organize Movie Month?

We think that the world needs more empathy and compassion. And we want to nurture these qualities in ourselves and our communities. Compassion works all around the world to help people in need. In these times, we recognize one of the greatest needs is human connection and we want find ways to bring people together. 

How can I learn more about Compassion Canada?

What a great Q! You can visit the about page. Or you can also jump over to our website